Rust Belt Ghettos


Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, The History of an Idea by Mitchell Duneier (2016)

“We are left with the remains of an age-old system of exclusion – and no straightforward remedy … So much has been lost that needs to be remembered, if only because the ghetto’s troubled legacy has not gone away” (xi-xii).

Digital Approaches to Teaching the Venice Ghetto as Global Paradigm

Avigail Oren and Katharine Trostel have begun to think about how the project of the Venice Ghetto Collaboration might be expanded to create a university curriculum for undergraduate students that embraces the idea of the “local-in-the-global.” In addition to creating an ever-evolving modular syllabus, available here, we have begun a new project that involves thinking through the way in which our local experiences in a Rust Belt city (Cleveland) might reflect some of the themes and patterns we’ve uncovered in our scholarship on ghetto spaces.


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