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Chiara Camarda’s January 2019 event:

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We look forward to presenting our work in March, 2019 at the “Memories of the Future” conference at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory, London.

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Read about our work in Doing Memory Research: New Methods and Approaches (2018).


Memory studies is a nascent and multidisciplinary research field, drawing from an impressive array of qualitative investigative methods deployed to do memory research. The authors in this collection offer an explicit engagement with the ‘doing’ of memory research. The contributions demonstrate how attention to methodology reveals rich insights about memory and its links to place and identity.

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This chapter reorients traditional literary analysis toward interpreting and representing the spatial, social, and historical origins of texts informed by the legacy of the Venice Ghetto. Using ArcGIS Story Maps to create ‘thick’ digital maps, we emphasize the Ghetto’s layers of significance. This site-based approach to memory work is a close-reading of architectural space, infused with the affective traces of the past and present. Our interactive maps make our reading practices visible and engage the multidirectional movement of the historical, literary, and contemporary memories of ghetto spaces through what we term a process of reading-in-place; we visually represent the trauma, nostalgia, memorials, and histories that are encoded on the pages of literary narratives.


Chiara Camarda’s 2018 presentation “Mifgash Incontro”:


Chiara Camarda’s May, 2017 presentation of the Hebrew books of the Venetian Jewish community: Presentazione_3 maggio